Terrance Williams Case Theories


Media mogul Tyler Perry, and activist Rev. Al Sharpton get involved in the mysterious dissappearance of 27 year old Terrance Willliams who was last seen near a cemetery in Naples, Florida in the custody of a Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy.  An investigation discovers that Terrance is not the first young man to dissappear under eerily identical circumstances.  


Name:        Terrance Williams

Age:          27 (At Time of Disappearance)

Brief:         Terrance Deon Williams, a 27 year old father of four living and working in Naples, Florida, disappeared after attending a party.  With little information on his whereabouts a family friend discovers that Terrance’s car was towed by police. Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Steven Calkins reports finding a stranded white cadillac next to a cemetery but makes no mention of  it’s driver Terrance Williams.  It’s only after cemetary workers report witnessing the deputy putting a young black man into a squad car, does the officers’ memory, and the possible fate of Terrance begin to come into focus. 

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