Roland Martin Blasts Jason Whitlock Over LeBron James Comments

by Krystal Franklin

June 5, 2017

Last week’s news of  LeBron James‘ Brentwood, Califiornia home being vandalized warranted yet another discussion on the so-called “post racial America.”

While many sympathized with the Cleveland Cavaliers star and even commended him on his willingness to speak out about being black in 2017, Speak For Yourself co-host Jason Whitlock seemed to take issue with James’ statements. Whitlock, for all intents and purposes, is a black man.

After finding himself the subject of many Uncle Ruckus style memes (like this one and this one), it was only a matter of time before TV One’s NewsOne Now host Roland Martin schooled the Fox Sports 1 journalist on the history of racial profiling in America. Watch below.

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