Ne-Yo Checks Tyrese On Misogyny

by Krystal Franklin

June 7, 2017

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Tyrese is no stranger to controversy. This year alone the singer and actor has more than pushed a few buttons of both fans and critics (remember this?)

So what did the 38-year-old do this time? It seems as if Mr. Gibson thinks women need help from men in regards to relationships. He made this very clear on Instagram when he encouraged all of his male followers to sound off on what women need to learn.

Enter Ne-Yo. The singer-songwriter hopped into the mentions of Baller Alert‘s Instagram and made it very clear that he disagreed with Tyrese’s post.

Ne-Yo, boy, we could kiss you.

If only Tyrese would stick to this kind of advice.

TELL US: Fair or foul? Is Tyrese misogynistic?

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