Former FBI Director James Comey Testimony, Better Than Any Episode of Scandal!

by Jessica Lane

June 8, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey testified this morning and set the record straight on President Donald Trump and the alleged lies cultivated by his administration, Russian involvement in our election and most importantly, why he kept all the receipts after conversations with President Trump.

First, he let us ALL know Trump and his crew are spreading lies. They can’t handle the truth, they don’t know the truth, the truth ain’t in ’em.

Then, he revealed how “uncomfortable” President Trump made him. Private meetings, private dinners and whispering in his ear….is he a colleague or his side chick? We’re confused.

Comey said it and he meant it….RELEASE THE TAPES!

Comey showed up with his letters and read each one outloud.

So, who’s next?


Meanwhile, this is all of us:


And we’re still glued to our TV screens and newsfeeds like:


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