Diana Ross Reaches Out To Michael Jackson’s Kids

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For all the talk about who would be named the guardian of Michael Jackson’s children following the recent public squabble between family members – Katherine Jackson or TJ Jackson – not much was mentioned on the reality that technically, Michael had his second option already laid out legally. Andaccording to the New York PostDiana Ross may not have expected Michael to name her as backup guardian of his three children, but she’s willing and able to step in if need be. The paper says she recently reached out to the kids to see how they were doing in light of the new controversy surrounding their famous family members.

They report:

Ross gave Paris the longest hug during the emotional encounter at the family’s Calabasas home, said a Jackson family member who was present. The teen had recently been recorded on a surveillance camera fending off her aunt Janet Jackson’s attempt to take away her cellphone.

During Wednesday’s visit, Ross, 68, made it clear she would step in if necessary, and made Paris promise to call her “no matter what.”

“Yes, Miss Ross. I will,” Paris replied, according to the source.

The diva left a clear message to the family. “Mess with Michael’s kids, and you’re messing with her,” the source said.

During the powwow, Ross held Katherine Jackson’s hand, looked into her eyes and asked her if the family had made it too difficult for the grandma to handle guardianship, the source said.

Katherine told Ross she could handle it, and the two embraced.

The grandma now shares custody of the kids with TJ Jackson, son of Jacko’s brother Tito.

“For the first time, Ross said she was willing to step in ‘if needed.’ She had never spoken like that before,” the source said.

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