Uncle Luke & the 2 Live Crew Are Getting A Biopic – The Book of Luke

by Jessica Lane

June 12, 2017

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

BREAKING NEWS: The Book of Luke, a drama all about Luther Campbell and the infamous 2 Live Crew, is being developed. The film, based off of Uncle Luke’s memoir Book Of Luke: My Fight For Truth, Justice And Liberty City, will feature RJ Cyler, a new face in Black Hollywood.

Yes, Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew who brought us amazing hits like: “It’s Your Birthday,” “Scarred,” “I Wanna Rock” and “Face Down, A** Up.” Oh and we can’t forget how Uncle Luke made us all discover a new meaning for the word hydraulics.


Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew have always been controversial figures. Teens, and ahem, even some adults got sucked into their raunchy rhymes and out-of-this-world antics. Their success put Miami, bass music and the group in the spotlight, and the film tells the story from Uncle Luke’s perspective from the streets of Liberty City to millionaire status and sold-out concerts. Along the way, he pissed off politicians and angry parent groups and his case Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., landed them on the steps of the Supreme Court for a landmark case that established parody, even for commercial success, as fair use.

This film, which feels a lot like Straight Outta Compton, will definitely get people talking and introduce RJ Cyler to the masses. Word is, this role was meant for him. His parents met at a 2 Live Crew concert and well, here he is.

TELL US: Did you listen to Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew? Would you see Book of Luke?

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