Draya Michele Talks L.A. Life and Her Party Girl Image

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Draya Michele is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Out and inside discusses on joining the LA spinoff of VH1’s Basketball Wives, how she’s changed since moving to LA, and how she’s not what she may appear to be.

On joining the cast of Basketball Wives:

“It’s been a blessing and I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out. I didn’t know that it was going to turn in my favor, so I’m very thankful and very blessed. I just didn’t know with Basketball Wives if I was going to make it out alive. I didn’t know if I was going to come out of this with a clean face or a clean image. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so it was a gamble. And… I won.”

On how she’s grown since relocating to Los Angeles:

“I came to Hollywood and I was a little wild. I met new people. But I’m changing and I’m letting people know that I get my a– up every day and work. I work during the daytime and I come alive at night. People don’t understand it. People don’t understand the party aspect of it. And I get paid to party, so why wouldn’t I? Who doesn’t want to party and make money partying? It’s like a win-win situation.”

On being a regular girl and not the party girl her image suggests:

“I’m very regular. I like to do regular stuff with my guy. If we’re not going to the movies or to dinner, I like to stay in my house and cook. I’m still, like, a regular girl and a hopeless romantic. All I need is one flower. I don’t need a dozen roses. One flower is fine.”

As the success of her “Fine Ass Girls” t-shirt line:

“I definitely underestimated myself. I didn’t think that my clothing lines were going to be such a success. If I had of known, I might have gone overseas and mass produced or something. But right now, it’s just me and my girls and we are small and we work for ourselves. It sells out quick[ly] because we are not able to produce millions of things at one time. But we do what we can and we get it done.”

You can read the interview in full at Rolling Out.

Check out a clip from the shoot below:

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