Kahil Gray Case Theories




Kahil Gray’s story had a happy ending but the question still remains of how he got on the other side of town.  Did Kahil travel 25 miles on foot during a Chicago heatwave?  What do you think happened? 


NAME:            Kahil Gray

AGE:              15 (At Time of Disappearance)

BRIEF:            Kahil Gray, a 15-year-old from the south side of Chicago, goes missing after running away from his father at a Chicago hospital.  Kahil suffers from Autism and has difficulty communicating verbally.  In addition to his disability, the city was experiencing a heat wave when Kahil went missing, which made finding him even more critical.  Two days into the search for Kahil, and 25 miles away female biker on a trail thinks she’s spotted him running with a group of joggers. 

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