Episode Guide: Season Two

Learn more about those featured in each episode of Find Our Missing. Tune in Mondays at 9/8 c for all-new episodes.



Stevie Bates, Disappeared in 2012 at the Age of 19 / Yonkers, NY

A vibrant 19-year-old woman from the Bronx goes missing after returning from a cross-country trip with friends.

Kahil Gray, Disappeared in 2012 at the Age of 15 / Chicago, IL

An innocent game of hide and seek turns horrific when autistic 15 year old Kahil Gray suddenly runs away from a Chicago hospital sending police and the local community on a desperate search. 


Phoenix Coldon, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age of 23 / Spanish Lake, MO

In Spanish Lake, Missouri a young college student goes missing after being last seen backing out of her parent’s driveway. 

Maurice James, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age of 29 / San Francisco, CA

A man in San Francisco goes missing after last being seeing by his roommate in their apartment. Friends and family find a cryptic blog post that he posted a short time before his disappearance.


Terrrance Deon Williams, Disappeared in 2004 at the Age of 27 / Naples, FL

Media mogul Tyler Perry, and activist Rev. Al Sharpton get involved in the mysterious dissappearance of 27 year old Terrance Willilams who was last seen near a cemetery in Naples, Florida in the custody of a Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy.  An investigation discovers that Terrance is not the first young man to dissappear under eerily identical circumstances.

Felipe Santos, Disappeared in 2004 at the Age of 23 / Naples, FL

Three to four months prior to the disappearance of Terrance a similar set of circumstances occurred involving Felipe Santos, a 23-year old mexican laborer who got into a minor car accident in Naples.  Deputy Calkins was the officer on the scene, and also took Felipe into custody.  That young man also was never seen again.


Bianca Green, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age  of 24 / Romulus, MI

A young mother goes missing from her hometown in Romulus, MI, leaving behind her little boy and a mysterious message.

Julius T. Jones, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age of 26 / Meridian, MS

A 26-year-old man goes missing after he is last seen at his home in Meridian, MS. A few weeks after his disappearance, police officers searched a creek in Meridian for his remains but found no clues.


Debra Sellars, Disappeared in 2010  at the Age of 43 / Burlington, NC

Debra Sellars, a hardworking 43-year-old single mother disappeared in Burlington, North Carolina after promising her son that she would be back by morning with the family van.

Jhada Clarke, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age of 3 / West Palm Beach, FL

In West Palm Beach, FL, a three-year-old girl goes missing after routinuely visiting her father in Washington, D.C.


Tameka “Kesha”Anderson, Disappeared in 2010 at the Age of 25 /  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A young mother in Baton Rouge Louisiana decides to go buy a used car and is never heard from again.

Larry Stackhouse Jr. , Disappeared in 2005 at the Age of 19 / Syracuse, NY

A 19-year-old former basketball player in Syracuse, New York disappears after going to a basketball game with a friend.


Asha Degree, Disappeared in 2000 at the Age of 9 / Shelby, NC

A loving, athletic girl goes missing from her home in Shelby, NC on Valentine’s Day.

Kelly Allen, Disappeared in 2007 at the Age of 20 / St. Louis, MO

Kelly Allen, a lovable and energetic 20 year-old -girl vanishes without a trace from a friend’s apartment in a St. Louis suburb.


Brandon Graves, Disappeared in 2010  at the Age of 24  / Sumter, SC

A 24-year-old man disappears on a cold night after celebrating homecoming with old friends in Sumter, SC.

Cleashindra Hall, Disappeared in 1994 at the Age of 18 / Pine Bluff, AR

It’s been almost two decades since 18-year-old Cleashindra Hall has gone missing from the small town of Pine Bluff, AR, after working a late night at her employer’s home. Find Our Missing brought this case to light last season, and is now revisiting this story after witnesses came forward with some shocking testimonies.


Athena Curry, Disappeared in 2011  at the Age of 20 / Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, Georgia 20 year old, Athena Curry disappears on May 27, 2011, after an argument with her boyfriend.

Cameron Rodgers, Disappeared in 2012 at the Age of 1  / Kansas City, MO

On the evening of October 26, 2012 an Amber Alert is issued for 1 year old Cameron Rodgers who was taken by his mother’s friend.


Shawndell McLeod, Disappeared in 2011 at the Age of 35 /Lithonia, GA

In Georgia, a head cook who’s looking for a new start after coming out of a bad relationship goes missing.

Erica Heather , Disappeared in 2002 at the Age of  14 / Smith Ashburn, VA

A beloved 14-year old daughter from Virginia goes out to a friend’s place and never returns.

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