Stevie Bates Case Theories


Stevie Bates, a vibrant 19-year-old woman, from the Bronx goes missing after returning from a cross-country trip with friends.   New York Port Authority surveillance cameras capture the last known image of her. Where could she be now?  Share your theories on her case.

Name:        Stevie Bates
Age:           19 (At Time of Disappearance)
Brief:          Stevie Bates, a fun- loving,  smart 19-year-old student at Hunter College in New York, and active supporter of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement disappeared after coming home by bus from an aborted road trip with friends.   She was last seen on surveillance video arriving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.

TELL US:  Share Your Theory on Stevie Bates Disappearance.