Reel Talk: Kevin Hart & Dwayne Johnson Star In “Jumanji” Sequel

by TV One Staff

June 30, 2017

Its been 22 years since we were first captivated by the fantasy adventure that is Jumanji. We weren’t sure that we needed a sequel until we saw the trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, slated to hit theatres December 20.

In fact, we still aren’t sure that we need one (really, the 1995 Robin Williams classic was perfect) but we figured we could at least give the trailer a try:

Here are several thoughts about the trailer:

1. Be clear. We have to pay our respects to the GOAT that is Robin Williams for making the original movie so magical. Rest in paradise, Rob.

2. Speaking of the 1995 original, lets talk about the drastic change in tone. The original had a dark, mysterious feel. Hell, it was borderline a horror film. The sequel is obviously light in tone, especially with the addition of Kevin Hart and Jack Black for comic relief. We’re actually a bit disappointed in this. Kids these days are unable to handle a good scare like we were able to. This went from Stephen King to Nickelodeon real quick.

3. And now for a positive: We can appreciate the updated technology in the movie. To be honest, no one really plays board games anymore, and using a video game (we’re not going to mention that it looks like the original Nintendo) is a nice touch.

4. Let’s give Jack Black his Oscar now. Black playing a bougie teenage girl will be hilarious to watch.

5. Another negative: A big part of the allure of Jumanji was the fact that the game could spill over into real life. In the sequel, everything seems contained in the video game. How is that interesting, again?

6. Are we the only ones that realized The Breakfast Club reference of teenagers from different social circles in detention? Ya’ll not slick. We’re all for introducing something classic to the new generation, but in this case we should leave well enough alone.

TELL US: Will you be seeing the Jumanji sequel in theaters?