Are Black Women Offended or Flattered By Other Races’ Desire To Be Black?

by TV One Staff

July 3, 2017

Cultural appropriation is one thing, but racial appropriation? Baby, that a whole ‘nother thing.

You already know about the Kim Kardashians and the Rachel Dolezals of the world, but it seems like more and more non-Black women are attracted to the full features (from below and above the neck line) and rich complexions of Black women.

The latest and most extreme case is German model Martina Big who has undergone several cosmetic surgical procedures to look “more Black.”

This is just terrible and disturbing. What’s going on with them? They don’t respect dark skin color but try to imitate, that’s rediculous. #MartinaBig you’ll never be black no matter how dark you tan. Mental illness is real. #MartinaBig #BlackMattersUS #BlackExcellence #BM #BlackKnowledge #black #blacklove #african #africanamerican #blacklivesmatter #BlackPower #ProBlack #BlackEmpowerment #BlackIsBeautiful #StayWoke

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A question no one ever saw coming but here is? #MartinaBig #RACHELDOLEZAL #Blackness #melanin #fakenews #BlackWomen👀😂

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Question is: Are Black women offended or flattered by these antics? Despite execution, they say that imitation is the best form of flattery. At the same time, are the features commonly found with Black women being subject to mockery and trend?

TELL US: What are your thought on racial appropriation? On being “trans-racial?”