George Clinton


In the intergalactic continuum of funk, the name best known by earthlings and aliens alike is the Atomic Dog and Mothership Captain himself, George Clinton.  Emerging  from the most distant region in the galaxy (a home he calls Dog Star 9), this interplanetary traveler chose music as his language to communicate a message of love, respect and dance-floor artistry to earthlings the world round.  His extraterrestrial brew of rock, soul, Motown and doo-wop made for a potent funk brew that became the recipe for two beloved 70’s groups – Funkadelic and Parliament – both of which he helmed,  and populated with musicians who would themselves become some of the brightest stars in the 70’s and 80’s, including Maceo Parker and Bootsy Collins. Clinton’s own star blazed ever more brightly through the 80’s, when hits such as "Loopzilla" and "Atomic Dog" shook dance floors in all quadrants of the known universe.  An entire generation of rappers grew up with his music, and in turn, made his beats and grooves the DNA of Hip Hop.  But bad business deals hounded Clinton from the outset, and with finances further diminished by a proclivity for mind altering chemicals, his earthly empire crumbled, leaving him all but destitute today. George Clinton reveals the story of his long strange ride on Unsung.

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