Dear POPSUGAR, THAT Isn’t Natural Hair

by Miah Hardy

July 10, 2017

Photo by Getty Images

The natural hair movement is credited to black women who decided to throw the creamy crack away in order to embrace their natural kinks and curls.

Black people have often been criticized for wearing their natural hair and stepping away from the European beauty standards that are so often forced upon them. These are the same beauty standards where white women perfectly fit the mold.

We were all surprised when we saw that women’s lifestyle and beauty brand POPSUGAR published an article originally titled, “These 3 Women Are Making A Serious Case For Rocking Your Natural Hair”.

POPSUGAR has since changed the title to “These 3 Women Are Making a Serious Case For Not Processing Their Hair” after receiving immediate backlash.

The article features a creative intern, account manager, and junior photo producer, who are all white women, detailing their journeys to embracing their “natural hair.”

Black people describe their hair type using every number and letter combination from 3A to 4C, but the staffers’ hair is described as “textured”, “thick”, and “frizzy”.


Until white women are fired from work because their hair is deemed inappropriate or denied an education because their hair is viewed as a distraction in the classroom, there is no room in the natural hair movement for them.

Do better POPSUGAR.

TELL US: How do you define natural hair?

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