White Cops Racially Profile Black Woman…Who Is The State Attorney!

by Miah Hardy

July 13, 2017

Photo by Getty Images

Racial profiling has plagued the criminal legal system for hundreds of years.

Far too often, police officers would pull over Black people assuming they are uneducated, have limited knowledge of the law, and/or that they come from a low-income background.

With this in their mind, police officers go into situations believing they are superior to the law.

A prime example of racial profiling gone wrong was former Oklahoma City officer Daniel Holtzclaw who preyed on black women in a lower income neighborhood with a history of prostitution and drug use, forcing them to take part in sexual acts.

I mean, who would take the word of a poor Black woman over the word of a commendable police officer?

Florida state attorney, Aramis Ayala, definitely turned this standard around when she was racially profiled at a traffic stop by two white cops in Orlando.

Oh, and she was seemingly pulled over for nothing. Watch below:

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet __________________________________ Two white police officers pulled #AramisAyala over back on June 19th for what appeared to be no reason and they were stunned to find out that she was the Florida state attorney. The footage was released today and many are accusing the cops of racial profiling. __________________________________ She later told reporters, “To be clear, I violated no laws. The license plate, while confidential was and remains properly registered. The tint was in no way a violation of Florida law,” and that “Although the traffic stop appears to be consistent with Florida law (my) goal is to have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community.” __________________________________ Check out the officer’s reasons for the stop and tell us what you think.

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Please believe Ayala made sure to drive off with the officer’s name and she was cool, calm, and collected during the entire incident. This is definitely an example of #BlackExcellence and another reason to end racial profiling.

TELL US: Have you ever been a victim of racial profiling?

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