The Clark Sisters


Dynamic, ground-breaking, inspirational, and one of the most influential gospel groups of all time, the Clark Sisters were forged in the Pentecostal heat of their mother’s fervent devotion to God, and her insistence on the perfect musical expression of her faith. Mattie Moss Clark changed the sound of church music and trained her daughters to sing, write and create in the glory of God. When Twinkie Clark heard the music of Stevie Wonder, she found her greatest earthbound inspiration, and wrote songs for The Clark Sisters that moved not just the faithful, but mainstream audiences as well. The sisters had a big dance-club hit with "You Brought the Sunshine," but their secular success caused strains that threatened to pull the family apart. Ultimately, the Clark Sisters reunited in 2006 to record the album "Live One Last Time." The songs and performances were a triumph, and earned the sisters three Grammys.

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