Felipe Santos Case Theories







When Felipe Santos was arrested on the scene at a minor car accident in Naples, Florida, little did his friends and family know he would vanish. 


Name:        Felipe Santos

Age:          23 (At Time of Disppearance)

Brief:         Three to four months prior to the disappearance of Terrance a similar set of circumstances occurred involving Felipe Santos, a 23-year old mexican laborer who got into a minor car accident in Naples, Florida.  Deputy Calkins was the officer on the scene, and also took Felipe into custody.  That young man also was never seen again.  The eerie similarity of the incidents and the arguably questionable procedures by police, attracted the attention of Tyler Perry who hit the airwaves to draw public attention to the case. 


TELL US:  What Do You Think Happened to Felipe Santos?  Is His Case Linked with Terrance Williams?