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I’m back and blogging about Belle’s!   Get the scoop on real birthdays on the set and what it’s like to really hang out with guest star Vivica Fox.




Belle’s Episode 2 – Birthday Party

In this episode, you see a fun moment between Loreta (Tami Roman) and me with our on-set dad Big Bill (Keith David).  I think you really start to see relationships forming and it’s so exciting to see.  We have a great team!  It’s funny to see Jil and Loreta tell our “dad” to take one for the team so Pam can have a great birthday LOL!  And we really meant it.


Hanging With Belle’s Guest Star Vivica Fox

VIV IS MY GIRL!  Again, another great choice for a Belle’s guest star role.  Vivica appears as “Vivica Newbie” and we have worked together before.  She did a couple of guest spots for The Hughleys and she is great.  She rocked her new look and I think it fits her well.  I love her short haircut. It looks great on her.  Go VIV! 

There is always an adventure when you’re hanging out with Ms. Viv! LOL!  We hung out not too long ago at Fashion Week in NYC this past September.  She put me on to this dope Mexican restaurant that played hip-hop!  WE partied like we were at the club only it was a beautiful restaurant that only Viv would know.  To get to this place, was crazy.  There were a lot of ins and outs and back ways but Viv knew exactly where she was going.  That was part of the fun.  ONLY VIV!!!

More Belle’s Food

Last time I dished on the fact that the Belle’s set is a full functioning restaurant and ALL the food you see on the set is REAL but let me tell you about actress Ella Joyce as the cook and Aunt Gladys on the show.  I love Ella.  I love her as the cook.  I think she is hilarious!  The way she does her food and how she prepares it, is hilarious!  She is to too much and a complete joy to work with.  Wait till next week!


Birthdays On The Set

I didn’t even taste the birthday cake featured on this episode for Pam’s (Nadja Alaya) birthday and I can’t remember why?!!  Now I remember…because she took my piece and gave it to the little boy that came to her party!!!!!!  We had a real birthday on the set and celebrated Keith David’s (he plays Big Bill) birthday in grand style.  This cake, I tasted!!! 

Next Time – I can’t wait to dish about next week’s episode “The Intervention,” and working with Ella Joyce. 

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