Sisqó Remakes the ‘Thong Song’ & It’s STILL Good

by Jessica Lane

July 19, 2017

Sisqó, and the epic greatness known as the ‘Thong Song,’ returns and it’s remixed for your 2017 listening pleasure. Sisqó, now 38, teamed up with the DJ trio JCY to remake this classic and give it a brand new twist.

Although it pales in comparison to the original video, you HAVE to see this new video if only as proof Sisqo still got it. Now, let us break down a few of our favorite moments from this unexpected collaboration.

First, can we talk about how Sisqó STILL looks good?! At age 38, how is Sisqó looking like his cute younger brother? (Oh, so I’m the only person who thought Sisqo was and still is cute?)

Kudos to the entire team and this refresh. Because everything in this video is looking like 2017, EXCEPT these a** and thighs. We’re now in the land of plenty, but somehow these ladies missed their portion. Not nann one of these girls got ‘dumps like a truck’ nor ‘thighs like what.’

Sooo, how can I get a bag of these ‘Thong Chips’? This is truly AMAZING. Who comes up with this stuff? Is this like the sequel to Rap Snacks?

Who is JCY and how do they know Sisqó? Where would they have met? At some kind of panty convention where Sisqó was the keynote, speaking on how he single-handedly led thongs into the mainstream? For the record, JCY, pronounced ‘Juicy’, is a Norwegian production team made up of Patrick “Patski Love” Hauge, Chris “Stallion” Welsh and Alexander “RykkinnFella” Austheim. They make that electronic pop stuff you hear all over the top 40 stations.

Do yourself a favor and watch the full video below:

Tell Us: Are you feeling Sisqó’s comeback?

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