Ciara Slash’s Romance Rumors

Epic Records Presents: Epic Moment

Apparently, Ciara has been linked to a lot of men in recent months. I say apparently because I haven’t paid Ciara any real mind since she kept those goodies in the jar. That said, she was reportedly linked to new Los Angeles Laker Dwight Howard. I mean, not a bad idea considering she’s on the Paula Abdul, the later years stage of her music career.

However, CiCi says she is not with Royce Reed’s baby daddy (via Crunk + Disorderly):

Venting her frustrations on Twitter, she posted “Wonder who the new man is next week! Looks like the only person missing is Phil Jackson, and I would’ve done em all! haha! #GetoffMyNippz”

Get off what? Okay, so it’s not true, but ma’am, be happy someone is even talking about you.

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