Tabloid Talks Halle Berry Breakup

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Is Halle Berry single again, back on the block…and whatever else Trina was singing off key in that key? Maybe, maybe not. Who’s to say? The answer is a British gossip column has decided that it is the decider of that question.

The Oscar winner was spotted out in La La land without her ring, and naturally, it has been spinned that she has lost yet another damn man.

The Daily Mail reports:

In March Halle Berry confirmed reports that she was engaged to her longtime beau Olivier Martinez.

Despite vowing that she would never walked down the aisle again, it wasn’t long before the former Bond girl was seen flaunting her stunning emerald sparkler.

But yesterday the star was pictured out and about in Los Angeles without her ring on her finger.

She tied a pink bandana around her head and hid her eyes behind a pair of large sunglasses.

Halle was seen walking towards a car as she held a large black leather bag. Noticeably ring-less, she failed to raise a smile as she journeyed forward.

That ring is probably sitting next to her case of Noxema, which her fiance is probably shining as he waits to throw it back right around her ring finger.

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