How Is This Procter & Gamble Ad ‘Racist’ Again?!

by TV One Staff

August 2, 2017

A recent Procter & Gamble ad from their My Black is Beautiful campaign is being considered racist by conservatives who believe it presents “white people as evil, and Black people as innocent victims.”

The commercial features African-American parents from different decades having the difficult (but very necessary) conversation about racism–in the form of discrimination, racial profiling, and mircoagression –with their children. See the commercial for yourself:

Let’s take a look at what conservatives had to say:

We’re here to say that there is nothing ‘racist’ about this commercial.

In fact, it serves as a reminder to parents of non-White children to explain these harsh realities—before it’s too late. It’s a shame that we have to remind our children that they are beautiful (period), that they have to work harder than anyone else, and that they could lose their lives by being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the “wrong skin.” Just ask any of the parents who’ve lost children from the exhausting stream of police-involved shootings.

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