Kim Kardashian Pregnant With Baby K?

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Is Kanye West about to be a daddy? According to the National Enquirer, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian is pregnant. I have a hard time believing anything this tabloid says unless it’s about John Edwards, but you never know who might be feeding the magazine news in order for a certain someone to stay relevant.

The Enquirer claims:

“Despite all her talk about exercising harder and eating healthier, it’s obvious that Kim has gained at least 10 pounds in the past few weeks, and it all seems to be around her midsection,” divulged a close source. “Plus, she’s given up alcohol completely. And she con­fessed to pals that she and Kanye are shopping for a family-friendly home in Los Angeles together.

“When a close friend asked Kim point-blank in mid-December if she was pregnant, she slyly responded, ‘That would be the best Christmas present ever!’”

.according to the source, who added: “Kim made it clear a few months ago that she was opting to undergo fertility treatments, and now they appear to have been successful.”

But Kim apparently plans to keep the baby news under wraps until she’s out of her first trimester.

“Kim and Kanye are overjoyed, as is Kim’s family,” said the source. “She’s wanted to be a mom for years – and now that that wish is finally coming true.”

Whenever they do have a baby, though – and y’all know they will – expect that child to have its own reality show by preschool. The album will come once they successfully complete the third grade. Blue Ivy will throw shade.

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