It’s Official! Barack Obama Gets A Holiday

by TV One Staff

August 8, 2017

At this point, there is a long list of things that President Barack Obama deserves and one of those things is an official holiday.

According to reports, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner recently signed into law a measure to designate August 4th as “Barack Obama Day.” The holiday will be celebrated on President Obama’s birthday, starting in 2018. The law formally called Senate Bill 55, was originally introduced by Senator Emil Jones III who helped launched Obama’s Senate campaign in 2004.


Governor Rauner mentions:

“It’s incredibly proud for Illinois that the president came from Illinois. I think it’s awesome, and I think we should celebrate it. I don’t think it should be a formal holiday with paid, forced time off, but I think it should be a day of acknowledgment and celebration.”

This is cool–for now–we won’t even mention that this need to be a NATIONAL holiday (with paid time off).

TELL US: How do you plan to celebrate next year’s Barack Obama Day?