Kim Shuts Out Reality TV From Her Baby’s Birth

Kim Kardashian Sighting At Miami Airport – January 7, 2013

Some of you might need to grab a paper bag to breathe into after reading this, but Kim Kardashian is showing restraint as it relates to her privacy. Though her mom and manager was reportedly fielding offers for coverage of her pregnancy, so far she and the child’s father, Kanye West, are turning down paydays. Yes, according to TMZ, KimYe has turned down a $3 million offer to see their future baby.


Sources close to K&K tell TMZ … the couple has been flooded with lucrative deals from magazines clamoring to score baby Kimye’s coveted first photos, with offers ranging as high as several million. We’re told the $3 million offer was from an overseas tabloid.

So far, no cigar. Our sources say the couple has no plans to sell the pics to ANYONE … right now.

We’re told they’re aware public demand will only increase over time — and still might consider offers in the future.

It’s a pretty surprising move nonetheless, considering it’s become S.O.P. in Hollywood to cash in post-baby-birth …

Brad & Angelina: $4.1 million for Shiloh in 2006. $14 million for their twins in 2008.

J.Lo & Marc Anthony: $6 million for their twins.

Matthew McConaughey: $3 million for his son.

Christina Aguilera: $1.5 million for her baby.

Jessica Alba: $1.5 million … the list goes on.

This doesn’t surprise me. After that wedding stunt blew up in her face, I figured that she’d stick to the gig that got her the fashion and cosmetic company deals but ultimately shy away from certain coverage. That is, for right now. I’m sure a bigger offer from a more traditional outlet will come.

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