The Brandy vs Monica Conversation Reignites On Whitney’s Birthday

by Krystal Franklin

August 10, 2017

Photos by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic, Charley Gallay/AMA2009/Getty Images for DCP and Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

For years Brandy and Monica have both been very vocal about their love and admiration for Whitney Houston, and rightfully so. Unlike fans, the singers each had a close relationship with The Voice and met her at an early age.

Since Whitney’s death in 2012 (she died on Brandy’s birthday), both singers have found themselves in the middle of social media commentary that stems from, if we’re honest, the fake beef created back in 1998 with The Boy Is Mine. Since then they’ve collaborated on music together, seemed pleasant when interviewed about one another…kind of. But whenever fans or the media brought up Whitney, things got interesting. Take a look at this interview Monica did on The Real earlier this year.

Brandy seemed to respond to that interview with a series of Snaps.

That brings us to present day. This week the world celebrated Houston’s 54th birthday and true to form, Monica’s fans took issue with a caption Brandy used to honor Nippy (click the arrow on the photo to see Brandy’s response).

She has since turned the comments off on the four posts honoring Whitney, adding “#offwiththecomments already made headlines” on each one. Monica has yet to address the reignited conversation.

As someone who literally grew up on both Monica and Brandy’s music, I love them both and any tension between the two makes me sad.  I just wish the fans didn’t blow things so out of proportion.

TELL US: Fair or foul? How many times has a crazed fan impacted your opinion of the celebrity?

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