Jennifer Hudson Wants to Play the Queen of Soul

Hearst’s 125th Anniversary Celebration And Private Screening Of New Documentary Citizen Hearst – Inside

Jennifer Hudson wants to play Aretha Franklin on screen. So much so that she recently used a surprise performance before the Queen of Soul to lobby for the job. Did she impress Re-Re enough?

The New York Post reports:

The Oscar winner appeared in a short dress and sang a medley of hits by Franklin and Whitney Houston at a 125th anniversary party for Hearst. “She introduced the [Franklin] song ‘Oh Me Oh My’ and said it was her plan to portray Aretha someday,” said a spy. “Jennifer then asked the audience, ‘Is anyone listening?’ to imply someone in the crowd should give her that role.” (Franklin has mentioned a wish list of supporting actors for her life story — including Terrence Howard, Denzel Washington, Audra McDonald, Nia Long and Kerry Washington — but hasn’t endorsed a leading lady since floating Halle Berry’s name early last year.)

Well, she would  make far more sense than Halle Berry would. And she could use the boost given the as yet unreleased in the States, but very much mocked already movie Winnie. Should the Queen of Soul cast J.Hud in the movie of her life?

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