Five (Of The Blackest) Ways To Celebrate The Solar Eclipse

by TV One Staff

August 21, 2017

Photo Credit: Huayang

Solar eclipses come around once in a blue moon (get it?) and a special moment like this one deserves a worthwhile celebration. Here are five of the Blackest ways to celebrate the solar eclipse:

1. Tell your families, co-workers, and friends to meet in a place 15 minutes earlier than the planned eclipse time. CPT is a real thing and you can’t wait another 100 years to celebrate the next eclipse because of punctuality.


2. Figure out a way to use the eclipse to enjoy the rest of the week work-free. This moment is too monumental to celebrate for just one day.

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3. Create an eclipse playlist. Every celebration needs the proper music to get the party started. We recommend songs like The Deele Two Occasions, and anything from Jay Z’s Black Album.

4. Be prepared with holy water and a good scripture. You never know when the Rapture may be coming.

5. Make the moment even more memorable by making eclipse-related jokes. Don’t miss a perfectly good moment to “Jones” on those you care about.

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TELL US: How do you plan to celebrate the solar eclipse?

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