Is Bow Wow Too Broke to Pay Child Support?

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Considering I’m always contemplating turning to a life of stunts, shows, and strolls to cover my student loans rarely if I ever criticize the finances of another — particularly if they are famous.

However, there’s been much speculation about the checking account belonging to Bow Wow amid reports that he was having trouble paying child support due to him only pulling in $4,000 per month. Most concluded that there’s no way Shad could only have $1500 in his checking account because he used to be Lil’ Bow Wow who used to be a highly successful child tour.

Well, the evidence to the contrary is pouring in.

In TMZ’s latest findings it appears that Bow Wow probably can’t pay your telephone bills, your automobile bills, so if you’re into a man doing all that…y’all probably couldn’t chill.

They report:

…but we just found some documents that show creditors have been chasing him for 3 years over a car.

B.W. leased a 2005 Ferrari F430 back in 2008.  It didn’t take long for the rapper to fall behind, because in February, 2009, the leasing company sued him and got a judgment for $216,084 … oh, and 75 cents.

Since getting the judgment, the leasing company has been on the hunt for payment, using a collection agent to track down Bow Wow.  

Mr. Wow never paid, and now with interest the judgment has swelled to $283,785 … oh, and 13 cents.

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