Chris Brown Ranting on Social Media, Again

Celebrity Sighting in Los Angeles – December 25, 2012

Chris Brown may not be complaining on his Twitter feed anymore, but fret not, there’s always his Instagram account to see his latest ramblings about things he loathes. In a recent post – which he yes, deleted not long after – echoed his frustrations with the music industry and why he contemplates leaving it all behind. Spoiler alert: He isn’t going anywhere, but I suppose it’s nice to pretend.

Chris wrote: “Real artist are an endangered species! This gimmick age is fucking corny as fuck!”

Once his upcoming album, Carpe Diem, is released next year, Chris says he’d like to go off into another world. “After this album I wanna leave this planet,” he wrote. Chris went on to add:  “Be you but f*cking get credit for the work u do. Not becuz someone cosigns who knows absolutely nothing about music and culture!”

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