Chris Brown Comes Clean About Rihanna

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While premiering his new West Hollywood-sounding single (and by that, I mean dance music), Chris Brown opened up about the status of his relationship with Rihanna. Speaking with Power 106’s Big Boy, Chris denied reports that he and Rihanna are officially back together. Still, they do remain friends.

On that now infamous Taxicab Confessions style video in which he spoke on his love triangle between Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, Chris explained: “It’s just me being honest with myself. Me and [Rihanna] have history and me and her definitely gonna be best of friends, and we’re working on our friendship now.”

As to why he did it: “When I feel a certain urge, whether it’s music or emotion, I feel it’s good to share with people ’cause it’s an experience and a life lesson.”

You don’t say.

And naturally, he doesn’t care about your opinion: “I think everyone feels attached to this old situation. It’s still a very detrimental situation ’cause it’s stuff that we deal with today and that’s why I’m doing the Jenesse Center that shows that domestic violence is not OK. But as far as our personal life, I think people gotta give it a chance, not even give it a chance, shut the hell up. At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain’t gonna change nothing I’m doing.”

It’d probably help if he and Rihanna also stop live-tweeting their relationship, whatever the nature of it.

– Michael Arceneaux

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