Chris Brown is Cutting Ex-Girlfriend Cold Turkey

2012 MTV Video Music Awards – Show

In today’s edition of grown up Black Beat, Chris Brown has been rumored to have cut all communication with ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. According to, their relationship is practically, “Better get your cab or get on the bus. I ain’t got no time for you. Talking all that junk.Here to pack my stuff, if this is what you want. I don’t really care ‘cause there’s no more us.”

Well, not exactly but there’s never a bad time to bring up a classic Destiny’s Child song.

In any event, here goes the tale:

A source close to Chris tells exclusively that Chris, 23, and Karrueche, 24, are not speaking because it’s what’s best for the situation. “They not talking. Ain’t no shade though, he just wants to be done with it and I know Rihanna do too,” our source tells us. “It’s best for everybody, even Karrueche. The last thing he wants to do is get her caught up again.”

Our source tells us that Karrueche and Chris have only spoken so they can facilitate her move out of his place, a move that is nearly over. “…he don’t f**k with her like that right now and [he’s] not [talking] with her either – other than set up times for her to come get her s**t but that was last week. She still got a few things at the crib, but a lot of her s**t [is] already out,” our source says.

Whomever this source is, I know for they are Black, fluent in the Queen’s English, and will probably continue spilling tea for the direct deposit.

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