Is Chris Brown Distracting Rihanna from Studio Time?

Chris Brown & Qubeey Launch Party

Is Chris Brown holding up Rihanna’s work in the studio? British celebrity fiction-themed publication The Sun says so. According to their reporters, Chris is showing up at the studio whenever he feels like it, messing up the vibe. How dare he (allegedly)?

The rag claims:


He’s started turning up at the Bajan beauty’s recording studio and staying until the small hours, delaying work on her new album.

A source said: “The record is due in a couple of weeks so time is ticking."

Rihanna’s management have asked her not to have any visitors.

"But neither she nor Chris are taking a blind bit of notice,” said the source.

Bruh, I’d rather not believe this story, but for argument’s sake let’s just say that you are: Go home. I need my new Rihanna album.

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