Is Cissy Houston Afraid to Give Bobbi Kristina the $20 Million Estate?

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Could a mass amount of money put Bobbi Kristina Brown’s life at risk? It’s a concern that her grandmother, Cissy Houston, reportedly holds. TMZ claims sources close to Whitney Houston’s mother say the reasoning behind her petition to the Whitney Houston Estate to get them to restructure the disbursement schedule of payments to Bobbi Kris stems from fears such wealth will leave her prone to the same fate as her mother.

The site says:

Sources close to Cissy tell us, Cissy feels Bobbi is currently surrounded by numerous negative influences — including her boyfriend Nick Gordon and father Bobby Brown — who will drain Bobbi’s fortune given half the chance.

We’re told Cissy also feels 19-year-old Bobbi is still extremely impressionable right now — and if left unchecked with millions of dollars, Bobbi could end up going off the rails … eventually dying just like Whitney.

According to sources, Cissy wants to wait until Bobbi has matured significantly more before she gets her money … an estate estimated at $20 million … though it’s unclear how long she wants her to wait.

As for allegations Cissy is trying to withhold Bobbi’s fortune to hoard the money for herself — Cissy is telling friends that’s total BS … that’s it’s about protecting her family.

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