Beyonce Talk Blue Ivy and Her New Documentary

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show Press Conference

Beyoncé kicked off her Super Bowl Halftime Show press conference by singing the National Anthem acapella. You know, to shut up the simpletons who act as if her singing over her own vocals at the Inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, reporters still managed to ask awful questions about that ceremony, but here are a few answers that didn’t make me want to weep for the state of entertainment journalism.

On why she decided to show more of Blue Ivy in her upcoming HBO documentary:

I feel like my daughter has changed me and changed my life and given me so much purpose.  This movie is very necessary and shows a human side.  At some point, my job is to protect her.  And I’m glad to tell the story on my terms.

On how she and Jay-Z spend their football Sundays:

You would have to ask Jay-Z what he does. I’m usually on the computer, pulling references, and looking at my rehearsals.  But I will say, I do go to sleep and wake up with a lot of football.  I have the utmost respect for the players.

On the color of her toothbrush and why:

I love this question!  It’s blue….blue and white.  Blue and yellow maybe?  {Laughs}

On details of her intricate performance:

There’s 7.5 mins for the volunteers to put the stage together.  I met the volunteers and they’re so incredible.  We’re all working together and I can’t give too much away.  But every second matters and we’re WORKING.  I had to condense my career into 12 minutes.

On when she’s going back on tour:

Soon.  I may have an announcement after the performance.  And the fans should stay tuned to see.

On being nervous about her upcoming documentary:

I am so nervous about putting that out.  It was really interesting directing and editing mysef and seeing all the mistakes I’ve made.  But still putting it in the film.  I feel like it’s time for people to really get to know me.  And to see a different side.  I’m really curious and scared…but now it’s too late.  I’m happy with it.

You watch Bey sing below: