Beyonce is Crushing on the POTUS

Beyonce Performs at Revel

He’s a handsome man, but nonetheless a chorus of “girl, bye’s” go out to the National Enquirer for this story about Beyoncé having a crush on President Obama. I’m sure the tabloid would absolutely love the first Black president having his very own Marilyn Monroe, but don’t start none, won’t be none.

Here goes their tall tale, though:

“Even when the president was socializing with other guests, Beyoncé always seemed to have her eye on him, watching his every move from afar,” revealed a close source.

“Beyoncé and the Obamas have become friends, but every time she’s in the same room with the president she gets all tongue-tied.

“She jokingly told pals if they both weren’t married, the pres­ident could have been in the running for her affections.”

Some 100 VIP guests, who paid 40 grand each to rub shoulders with the command­er-in-chief, saw the “Crazy in Love” singer flip out over her hero. Even before he arrived, Beyoncé “was giggling and twisting her hands, and twirling her hair like a nervous teen on her first date,” disclosed the source.

Jay-Z thinks it’s cute that she has a schoolgirl crush on the president, and he isn’t worried one bit.”

In other Beyoncé rumors, there’s chatter about she and Jay-Z planning to have another baby soon (per Star magazine):

Just nine months after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce’, 31, and Jay Z, 42, are already back on the baby train, vowing to have another child by this time next year. And they aren’t leaving anything to chance. According to an insider, not only is the “Single Ladies” singer already on a special diet and under the care of a top N.Y.-based fertility specialist, but she plans to undergo IVF if she’s not pregnant by Christmas. “Bey had a miscarriage before she had Blue,” confides a pal. “She dealt with it fine, but Jay’s so fiercely protective he doesn’t want her to go through that again and is getting her the best medical care money can buy.”

No, and not before the next album and tour.

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