Brandy Talks Car Accident, Co-Parenting and Frank Ocean

The 40th American Music Awards – Show

In a very open interview with VIBE, Brandy discussed some of the darker moments of her career and what she learned from them. The R&B star also opened up about repairing the relationship with the father of her daughter, plus hearing Frank Ocean’s historic debut album before the masses.

On the fatal car accident she was apart of:

I don’t know if I learned a lesson [from the car accident]. It was more of an understanding that I couldn’t change anything. I couldn’t go back. That was hard to accept because I was involved in something so tragic that someone lost their life. You can’t wrap your mind around that.

On losing Whitney Houston:

I hate that I lost touch with [Whitney] throughout the years. I wasn’t there for her in her hard moments. I would call her and couldn’t get in touch. I had my own struggles—not as hard as hers—but I felt that I could’ve been a better friend.

On her relationship with her daughter’s dad:

[My daughter’s father] Robert and I got over not being honest about being married. I called him and his wife and said, “We gotta be like (at the time) Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis—on some family stuff.” They laughed, but they felt the same way.

On Frank Ocean:

Frank Ocean came over to the house and played [his debut album, Channel Orange] before it came out. And he asked me, “What do you like the best?” I’m like, “Dude, I can’t answer. I love them all.” His music makes you think—the analogies, the stories. To be that honest and transparent and for your music to be as monumental as it is, you can only embrace it.

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