Does Chad Johnson Deserve a Second Chance?

Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Wedding

Chad Johnson recently claimed on ESPN’s First Take that he deserves a second chance. Now, we know his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, whom he allegedly headbutted during a heated argument, agrees. Speaking with Rumor Fix, Evelyn discussed her belief in second chances — even for Chad.

She explained:

“I do believe in second chances. I actually had someone ask me that recently, and I do. I’m not bitter, things happen and yeah, I do believe in second chances. I would want somebody to give me a second chances, and you never know.”

Translation: I’m down for being the D-List Chrianna.

If that quote wasn’t enough to get you to side-eye, here’s Evelyn describing why she was never a bully:

“For me, I don’t know, to me, a bully is someone who picks on people. Any arguments I have had on the show have been because there was drama and cattiness going on amongst the girls. I was never a bully, I never just picked on someone just to say, oh let me just pick on her today.”

Let her eyes roll the way your body does when Beyoncé’s playing.

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