Allen Iverson’s Lawyers Say “Show Me the Money!”

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So Allen Iverson isn’t having the best 2013. On top of the divorce settlement, the verbal lashing he got from the judge over his parenting, him being offered only a position to play in the D-League, and he lost his Georgia home due to foreclosure.

And now, now he’s in trouble from his very own lawyers who want the 60 he owes stat:

More bad news for Allen Iverson — not only is he a terrible parent — but his ex-attorney says he’s a terrible client … claiming the ex-NBA star needs to pony up $60,000 in legal fees STAT.

Jonathan Levine filed a lien against Iverson in GA court, claiming A.I. racked up a $61,098.86 legal bill during his nasty divorce battle — which was just settled in January — but has yet to pay it off.

Levine says the debt is from hours he clocked back in 2012 — before he quit the case. He withdrew himself from Iverson’s divorce at the end of last year, claiming he couldn’t properly communicate with Iverson. A.I then hired a new attorney to replace him, who handled the recent settlement.

According to docs … if Iverson doesn’t cough up the cash, Levine could go after his assets.

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