Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Chronicles

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One of Floyd Mayweather’s baby mamas may have forgiven him for the violent incident that led to him going to jail, but another disturbance with another one of his child bearers may put him back there.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Las Vegas police last week responded to a 911 call made by a woman who said she was in a "verbal altercation" with the champion boxer.

After the argument , Mayweather fled with at least one of the unidentified victim’s personal possessions.

Police records show the incident happened about 2 a.m. Sept. 9 at 10059 Baystone St., near Southern Highlands, where the boxer lives.

Melissa Brim, the mother of Mayweather’s daughter, lives at that address, according to public records.

Brim, 32, has had past violent run-ins with the boxer, including two incidents that resulted in Mayweather pleading guilty to two counts of domestic battery in 2002.

Officers went to the home, which is owned by a Mayweather company, PMG Sinclair LLC, and found no signs of physical violence, police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said. A Mayweather associate later returned the victim’s possessions, and the victim declined to press charges, Meltzer said.

It’s unclear whether the incident will affect Mayweather’s probation. 

I know this guy can afford an anger management class, life coach, and has enough star power to book an appearance on Iyanla, Fix My Life. What is the problem.

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