Floyd Mayweather and His Good Friend, Chilli

Screening Of “Freelancers”

Floyd Mayweather and Chilli of TLC and VH1 fame have long been suspected to straddle the line between friends and lovers. In a new rumor posted by Sandra Rose, a “confidential source” tells the blogger that 50 Cent’s BFF had Chilli flown to meet up after he was released from jail. Take that however you want – she sorta did.

Sandra Rose posted:

Just wanted you to know that Chilli along with her publicist Christal Jordan boarded a flight last night enroute to Vegas to be there when Floyd got released from jail. Floyd made sure Chilli was put up in the presidential suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel and also had 3 dozen pink roses and a diamond bracelet waiting there for her when she arrived.

— Michael Arceneaux

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