K. Michelle Talks About New Album “Rebellious Soul”

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K. Michelle recently sat down with You Know I Got Soul about her forthcoming new album on Warner Brothers entitled “Rebellious Soul.”

On the title of her album, K. Michelle explained:

I decided to name my album ‘Rebellious Soul’ because it’s basically me. I’m always in trouble for my beliefs and I’m not a very scary person. If I believe it, I say it. If I feel it, I do it. And I don’t really care who’s there to judge because I’m being me.”

Did you know that the singer and reality star is a classically trained pianist? Plus, she plays the guitar?! I had no idea of that or that K. Michelle is a huge country music fan and plans to incorporate some of those influences into her debut project.

Check out the interview below where K. Michelle elaborates on the project — not writing or recording to a track, what we should expect in terms of lyrical content, along with her newly announced duet with Elle Varner:

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