Dove Apologizes For ‘Racist’ Ad But Was It Really?

by TV One Staff

October 10, 2017

Photo Credit: Dove body wash commercial

Earlier this week, Dove went under fire for releasing an ad selling body wash that made more than a few of us raise an eyebrow.

Initially when the ad caused an uproar, only a portion of the commercial was shown: A woman with a dark skin complexion taking a t-shirt off and becoming a fair-skinned Caucasian woman. After more research, a full version surfaced featuring a woman with a medium complexion appearing after the fair-skinned woman–which to some, became less alarming:

Once negative reactions were received about the ad, the home goods brand went into apology mode:

Racist or not, this ad is indicative of a larger problem: Were any of us (and by us, I mean Black) at the table when this concept/execution was presented? If so, were they comfortable enough to blow the whistle? It doesn’t seem like it. Diversity Inclusion should have a say when it comes to these kinds of decisions. Also, doesn’t Dove make chocolate as well? We won’t EVEN go into the irony of it all.

Overall, Black Twitter was unforgiving and made their disapproval known on the interweb via #DoneWithDove:

TELL US: Are you #DoneWithDove or is this blown way out of proportion?