Really Nene? The Reality TV Star Apologizes For “Rape” Joke After Backlash

by Krystal Franklin

October 9, 2017

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

There’s funny and then there’s crossing the line. Nene Leakes found herself in the middle of a social media uproar after her show in Oakland over the weekend. The reality television star turned comedian told a female heckler that she hoped her “Uber driver rapes her” on the way home.


Watch the full video below.

The 49-year-old took to Instagram Monday afternoon to apologize for the joke.

Uber has since responded, telling TMZ“Wishing the trauma and violence of rape on anyone is nothing to joke about. Comments like these disrespect those affected by sexual assault and minimizes the seriousness of a societal issue that affects millions.” 

She might want to leave the jokes alone for a while.

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