Guess Who’s Helping Fuel Foxy Brown’s Comeback?

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I’ve seen lots of braids, shades of denim I haven’t seen since I rode the school bus, and lots and lots of artists channeling all 1990s everything in their sounds. If all of that can come back, should people pull out their purple lipstick in preparation for the return of Foxy Brown? According to her old The Firm band mate, AZ, Fox Boogie is making her return — with the help of Nicki Minaj.

Speaking with The Boombox, AZ revealed:

"I just spoke to Foxy like two to three months ago. Everybody’s cool. We all reach out, there’s no bad blood. We all grown and what not, so it’s cool," he reveals. "She’s trying to do her thing now. She told me that she’s doing some work with Nicki Minaj and Nicki more or less… Well, I don’t wanna let it out the bag [laughs]!

"I had to catch myself. But she’s been working with Nicki which is a good look.

I still listen to “Hot Spot,” “I Can’t,” “Candy,” and “I’ll Be” as if they all came out two weeks ago so I wouldn’t mind a bit more of Foxy in my love. Only if it doesn’t suck, though. No shade (but shade), all of the comeback tracks from Lil’ Kim, Eve, and even Missy Elliott haven’t been that hot. Only return if you can come with something worth hearing, Inga.

Oh, and don’t try to bring back spitting on nail technicians (allegedly) and all of those other fits you used to be known for.

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