Harry Belafonte Has Much to Say About Obama

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Harry Belafonte is still coming for President Obama’s neck. In an interview with The Huffington Post, the legendary actor and activist said of the president, "I hope that Barack Obama has found his spine and his courage. And he’ll say what’s necessary.

As for what’s at stake in the upcoming presidential election, Belafonte noted: "I think that where we are now is in crisis and [at] a crossroads. If unbridled capitalism prevails with the current electoral process, and Mitt Romney makes it, then I think we’re in for a terrible, terrible future. If he doesn’t make it, then I think we have a chance to look at the democratic institutions and be more sensitive to poverty, women’s issues, children, etc."

HuffPo also spoke with James Early Jones, who was a bit less critical of POTUS and optimistic of his chances of reelection: "I admire the Obamas. I think he will be our continuing president, I think he should be our continuing president,” Jones said.

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