Barack Obama Summoned For Jury Duty

by TV One Staff

October 30, 2017

Former President Barack Obama was notified that he has been summoned to report for jury duty. Officials confirmed that he’s set to attend and will receive the same salary as any other jury – $17.25 for each day he serves.


“We have a system in Cook County where one serves one time a year on the jury, and that time has arrived for President Barack Obama,” county Chief Judge Tim Evans told reporters. The exact date nor location was disclosed but it is confirmed that he will serve in November.

This is some refreshing news given the climate lately. Obama’s staff and security will be a high priority during his service. Like most decent examples of human beings, Obama isn’t the first former President to serve.

Will Obama actually be chosen to serve in a case? It can vary, the judge will begin to disqualify anyone who has prejudices that would prevent them from being fair.

The President made it crystal-clear that he would carry out his public duty as a citizen and resident of the community. The Obamas still own their home in Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood while living in a home in Washington D.C.