Janet Jackson Demands Retraction of “Vanity Fair” Book

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Janet Jackson is not here for your lies and allegations. Recently Vanity Fair posted excerpts from a new book entitled Untouchable which claimed that Damita Jo held up the funeral of Michael Jackson amid demands that she be reimbursed for the $40,000 deposit she put down for the funeral. However, Janet’s lawyer has sent a letter to the magazine demanding a retraction for repurposing bald headed lies.

The letter reads as follows:

The article states that, according to Untouchable, Ms. Jackson put down a $40,000 deposit to secure a burial plot for Michael Jackson but refused to let the funeral take place until the money was repaid. This is untrue. Ms. Jackson never delayed the funeral in any way. In fact, she paid for the funeral and was reimbursed for some of those expenses by Michael Jackson’s estate in the year after the services took place. In addition, there were other private costs associated with Michael Jackson’s passing that Ms. Jackson incurred and for which she has never sought reimbursement. To falsely accuse Ms. Jackson of holding up her brother’s funeral over money is outrageous. This story is particularly hurtful and distressing because of Ms. Jackson’s strong desire to serve his brother, whom she loved dearly, and her wish to stand with and support her


I demand that Vanity Fair retract its statement that Ms. Jackson “refused” to let Michael Jackson’s funeral take place until the money she put down as a deposit on his burial plot was repaid.

The book also claims that after Michael died, Mama Kat and Toy Toy hit up MJ’s premises to find where the cash at, where the, where the cash at? No word on whether Jermaine Jackson’s pre-paid attorney is going to send out a scolding rebuttal via Twitlong later.

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