Keyshia Cole Takes a Passive-Agressive Approach to Diss Her Sister

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Based on some recent tweets, I assume Keyshia Cole has finally gotten around to reading her sister’s new book. The R&B singer took to Twitter to not so subliminally take shots at those close to her who have benefitted from her stardom, though don’t seem very grateful. The sister in question, Neffe, has mentioned that the two aren’t as close as they used to be, but it seemed like she was trying to do damage control in recent interviews.

Too little, too late perhaps.

Keyshia wrote the following:

How many of y’all have leaches in your own family? I need to know I’m not alone!

B*tch talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F*cking Bogus!

Gotta keep munch man from all that drama tho. It’s not coo like that

You can read an excerpt of Neffe’s book, which is dipped in shade, below by way of Rhymes with Snitch:

Even though my sister, Lady left us, we still had to keep it moving to make things come together. It wasn’t easy but I had Travis and the kids and as we put God first, things would come together. Out of nowhere here comes season three.


WOW! I thought, “Here’s my chance to show the real reason why God put my family on TV and after all the time we had off I had written a book and I needed to show the world my progress since they’d really only seen my stress.”

I thought that me and my mom would be okay because I figured we would get more support from my sister, Lady. We already had the TV thing going on so all we needed to do was bring everything else to the table and succeed as a family. I mean, I didn’t see why things would not go right this time around. We had already done and showed the world the worst time. It was time to show and do the best. I had a plan. And I was hoping that it would work out for us.

My plan was to bring my book; My Happiness is My Sanity, to the table and some of Travis’ music so that we could promote my book and his music on the show. I’d worked almost 4 to 5 years and had almost nothing to show for it. My plan was to at least bring what I had worked on to the table. I just knew my sister was going to be proud of me especially after I had always supported everything she’d done.

So before I went to Big Henry, My sister’s manager, I was like "Hey girl, check this out! I have almost completed my book. Do you like?"

I thought she would have been like, “Great job! Let’s get it out there!”

Yeah, well that didn’t work out she simply and unenthusiastically said "Oh yeah that’s cool," and kept walking.

She didn’t even stop to check it out. Can you believe she told me she had a nail appointment to go to?