Barack Obama Reports For Jury Duty, Dismissed Soon After

by Krystal Franklin

November 8, 2017

Photo by Joshua Lott /Getty Images

When news of Barack Obama‘s upcoming jury duty first surfaced we knew people would show up, but it was practically a circus getting the former president from his home on the South Side of Chicago to downtown.

Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

But the 44th leader of the free world kept his promise of being an ordinary citizen and showed up to join 167 other jurors vying for their spot on a panel. Pressure? Hardly. Obama casually walked around greeting other jurors present and even signing a few books. Watch below.

Shortly after his arrival, POTUS was dismissed as he was not chosen to sit on a jury. But it’s the memories he made with other Chicagoans that are sure to last a lifetime.

It gets no better than that!

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